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The SHINE Mission


Shine Apothecary is a labor of love, although I would hardly call following a passion laborious. It started with a self journey to discover what I was putting on my skin, which is our largest organ. I quickly learned that there were some ingredients that I was no longer comfortable using. I also developed a love of indie brands, often owned by a solopreneur. The idea of having a relationship with the brand owner and being able to ask them about their formulation process and ingredient sourcing is a dream. I also know that these brands place a large focus on eco packaging and every step towards less plastic in landfills and oceans is a win in my book. 

Then it hit me, I can help others who don’t have the time, energy, and/or money to research and find clean efficacious products! That is when SHINE was born. I developed a curation of indie beauty with a soul to share with you.

New or curious about clean beauty? I am here to support you through your journey and offer trusted products that work. 

Clean beauty fan? I relish in the ability to aid you through new product discovery.

I love answering any questions you may have and I am only an email or DM away!

Allow me to stumble, so you can shine! ⭐️

My Promise to You: We never stock anything on the normal nasty list and go a step further. All products are free from phenoxyethanol and carmine. There is full transparency regarding fragrance source. Additionally, everything is cruelty free, largely vegan, and often made in small batches.

Big hugs,